The assets of the East Kilbride based publishers of Yachting Life have been acquired by an international publisher of transport magazines, the consequence of which is that there is now no production capacity to create the north’s sailing publication, even on a bi-monthly basis.

DVV MEDIA International have acquired the assets of KAV Publicity (Glasgow) Ltd, publishers of Yachting Life and Transport News. However it is in the latter title that DVV’s interest lies, since they specialise in transport related magazines and events.

Whereas Transport News will continue to be published from its present East Kilbride offices, it will be joined by another road transport title in the DVV group, taking up the entire production capacity of what was once KAV Publicity and as such, excluding Yachting Life which, with Welcome Anchorages is now on the lookout for new owners.

Explains YL publisher and editor Alistair Vallance, ‘In its 42 years existence, Yachting Life on one hand saw off three recessions, but on the other, we saw the glory days of magazine publishing ebb under the onslaught of social media.

‘Strangely this has not affected Yachting Life’s sister title Transport News to anything like the same degree. I suppose it boils down to social media having much more of an effect on a leisure and consumer based magazine (YL) rather than a business to business title (TN).

‘I would like to think there is a future for Yachting Life and I will be exploring all possible avenues to ensure continuance of the powerful brands of Yachting Life and Welcome Anchorages going forward.

‘Whether it be under the direction of another publishing company or under the aegis of a leisure marine organisation, two or more of which may want to create a consortium, remains to be seen.’