WHAT IS IT about boating that makes it so special and so different? And why choose a motorboat rather than a yacht?  Look at almost any marina or anchorage, and you will be immediately impressed by the number of yachts, rather than the number of motorboats.

Yachting is clearly more popular and there must be good reason for this: yachties will tell you the wind is free, and the motion through the water can be intensely quiet, with just the sound of the water on the hull. Sailing involves thought, planning, physical activity and sometimes, real excitement, flying along on a broad reach in a near gale, gunwales under the water, spray flying. I can’t argue with that. So, why a motorboat? asks Andrew Morton

I love its simplicity. I can climb on board Tiptoe, switch on the motor, cast off and I’m away in a matter of minutes. I can go in any direction, in any reasonable wind, right down to flat calm. I can go quickly too, if conditions allow, up to 28 knots.