THERE WERE two main reasons why Melanie and Jasmine Morris decided the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race was the challenge for them.

Firstly, they both liked the idea of celebrating major milestone birthdays at sea, Melanie, an MD from Perth, will turn 60 in March next year, and designer daughter Jasmine will be 30 in February. But most importantly, the pair wanted to celebrate that they could still take on an adventure like the Clipper Race together.

Jasmine explains: ‘My mum has had breast cancer twice. I was eight years old when she got diagnosed the first time and we almost lost her.

‘That she is able to do this, she will be 60 years old, she’s a single mum, got through breast cancer both times and fought hard to be here for me and my brother, I’m just so proud of her.’

The feeling is mutual, with Jasmine’s mother Melanie adding: ‘I’m so proud of Jasmine as well because it hasn’t been easy for her with all the situations that have been going on.

Both Melanie and Jasmine are taking on two of the eight legs that make up the global Clipper Race, Leg 5 from Eastern Australia, across the Equator and into Asia, and Leg 8, the homecoming leg from the east coast of USA to the UK.

Melanie and Jasmine both started sailing together in 2000 and decided that the 2019-20 edition of the race was right for them after cheering the fleet into Liverpool at race finish last year. They have been hard at work getting ready to race, and are halfway through the four levels of compulsory training.

Jasmine says: ‘For Level 1 we went together, but got separated on the boat but it was still great. We both had equally good experiences. During Level 2 we were on the same boat and it was tough because the conditions were quite intense.’

‘I live in Scotland and Jasmine lives in London so it is just nice to have time together. We both have a long term goal of being better sailors, more confident and competent, and we see just how the Clipper Race is already helping us to do that.’