THE RECREATIONAL Boating and Marine Tourism Cross Party Group, hosted by convener Stuart McMillan MSP will be holding a symposium in the Scottish Parliament, on 15 November.

Led by British Marine Scotland, RYA Scotland and Scottish Canals the focus for the day will be the future of recreational boating and marine tourism in Scotland. The leisure marine sector in Scotland relies heavily on tourism with visitors and tourists driving demand across the sector and throughout Scotland’s coastal communities.

‘Awakening the Giant’ the strategic framework for Scotland’s marine tourism sector was launched at a previous marine industry symposium at Holyrood and this year`s event will announce the review and the proposed draft of the next phase of the strategy, leading on to industry consultation and an official launch in spring 2020 to coincide with the Year of Coast and Waters 2020.

Also on the agenda will be discussion around the recreational boating and marine sector ‘Futures’ project, a joint study and report commissioned by British Marine and the RYA to look at the generational and demographic changes which will affect boating and all other recreational and lifestyle sectors.

‘British Marine’s vision of a thriving industry delivering amazing on water experiences for everyone will underpin the future growth in boating participation and will be a key foundation in the next phase of Scotland’s Marine Tourism Strategy’ said British Marine Scotland and Clyde Marina`s Simon Limb.