AS YL went to press Sailing Scotland and Sailing Cruising Scotland (SCS) were in the the final stages of agreement to take on the marketing and development of the ‘Cool Route Project’.

With this comes partnerships with Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands and Norway who have all been involved in the project to date.

The Cool Route was created to help develop new business opportunities for coastal enterprises covering a wide range of sectors.

‘It is the largest collection of data to allow pre-planning and reference for sailing trips to Scotland and the other partners, and is in the form of a web based mobile friendly app; which is fully compatible across all mobile platforms with advanced mapping that allows users to engage easily. It has no membership fee and is free to list,’ said a Sailing Scotland spokesman.

‘Growing data across not just regions but across countries makes the entire process of planning from a single point much easier; as we don’t actually know where our visitors are coming from,’ he continued.

Sailing and Cruising Scotland has grown to over 8,400 members on Facebook; but more importantly has around 7,000 active members per month; with a large international following.

‘The group has over 23,000 reactions or engagements per month and this is going to be one of the main drivers to gathering data to further expand and prosper the project. Sailing Scotland has a Twitter following of over 6,800,’ revealed the spokesman.

The Scottish partners are also re-establishing a working partnership with MalinWaters with early plans for a 2020 flotilla to Ireland and a return flotilla later in the year to Scotland, maintaining the strong historical links.

‘We are looking forward to working with like-minded partners for the sole purpose of promoting sailing and marine tourism within our given areas and beyond. We would also like to thank everyone that has helped to get the project off the ground and look forward to a positive working relationship going forward,’ said Sailing Scotland.