Each year, National Watersports Training Centre Cumbrae enrols a number of young people to our Instructor Development Scheme (IDS). They will all have a variety of qualifications already, but it is our role to develop them even further into the areas they want so that they can go on and have successful careers in water and outdoor sport. One of our team this year, Katrina Seator, gives us her experience of being part of the scheme and developing her yachting prowess.

SEA KAYAK guide in Alaska, or IDS at the national centre in Cumbrae? With only 24 hours to decide!

I was working in Lapland away from my family and friends at the time and so I posted my dilemma on social media. The answer was unanimous, everyone said I should go to Alaska, after all I’d always wanted to kayak amongst the glaciers! However, when senior instructor Rod phoned me just as I was getting on a snowmobile and asked for my answer I replied ‘Yes I’d love to come and work at Cumbrae!’